Application of Inertial Sensors in the Industry
Inertial sensors are sensors that measure the acceleration and angular velocity of objects,It is a type of sensor that can operate
without the need for external input signals and can detect mechanical motion
The acceleration or angular velocity changes are converted into electrical signals for output. And further export information such as speed, position, attitude, etc. through algorithms

Established in 2019, Forsense (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd focuses on the R & D and production of hardware and software products equipped with integrated navigation systems and MEMS inertial sensors featuring IMU arrays.

Since its establishment, the company has developed rapidly by relying on its strong technical strength and rich experience in the production, testing and calibration of MEMS IMU sensors and fusion algorithms, and continuously launched a variety of products for more applications. On top of that, our company provides comprehensive and in-depth technical support to help customers solve a series of problems, including model selection, hardware integration and data fusion. All these enable us to gain unanimous recognization from customers and quickly establish a good cooperative relationship with them.

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We aim to create more value for our customers.

To this end, our team has ponderer over how to create more value for customers since its founding

We believe that what you need is not merely a sensor, but a more competitive product;

not merely a large number of complex parameters, but practical suggestions to solve problems;

not merely a supplier, but a trustworthy cooperative partner for mutual benefit.

Our service aim: everything for the customer!

Excellent products

Accurate parameters and good performance

Customized services

Personalized parameter adjustment
Rich experience
Over 10 years of industry experience covering from calibration to algorithm
Extensive technical support
Our technical team will be at your disposal all the way.